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1 September 2005

Digital Camera

An essential piece of kit arrived today, which without I could not start the build of my kit car, a new digital camera. Not sure of the entire spec yet, god I have to wait for the battery to charge! It have 7.2 mega pixels, should do the job!

2 September 2005

Bits of Rover V8 heads yesterday that I ordered from EBay. I do not think they are good ones, the injector guides are shot, not sure what I can do about this, shall have to do some digging. The seller has agreed to refund some of my money. I may use these as part exchange items.
Today I received an old Rover 3500 haynes manual, in fairly good nick actually. Very please with that. Again sourced from EBay. I am becoming addicted to EBay! I have earned over £200 pounds from selling on EBay in just one week! But this will be the pinnacle of my trading as I am running out of goods to sell! I was thinking of putting my daughter on EBay but she was not too happy with that! Still no proforma invoice from Westfield, I have sent Simon an email telling him this and asking if he knows the anticipated collection date of the kit. Wow, got a reply in 2 minutes, apparently the kit will be ready to collect between 19-21st October 2005. I am going to tell him I can do the 21st. I cannot wait, huh.

Waiting for the Kit is killing me!

Well I my bits and pieces that I am selling on EBay is going quite well. My office (guest bedroom) is starting to look bare. Which is good because I want make into a bedroom again.
I have been doing a little research on possible brake calipers and discs to use on the Westfield and also the springs and dampers. I think I could quite easily save some money over the westfield items. I have not drawn up a complete budget plan yet. I need to start this soon. I have only been concerned with the initial outlay for the starter kit, but once I have this then the budget plan will become top priority. I think whilst I am waiting for the starter kit I shall formulate a Budget and plan, which will be very a fluid beast!

5 September 2005

Head cleaning

Tonight Luke (my son) and I decided to clean the Rover heads with Gunk which took about 1hr. The heads came up quite clean but will need another attempt. If I decided we are going to use these heads then will get acid dipped, ported and skimmed. If not then will simply use as exchange units, which I think is more likely at the moment. I have checked these heads are definitely vitesse injection. Easily identified by five head bolts around each cylinder, inlet ports have tell-tale injector shroud. The diameter of the exhaust port is 40mm which also identifies this to be the case.

6 September 2005

More gearbox and drive train thoughts

This evening I was giving much thought about gear ratios, well actually pretty much decided that I am going for the R380 gearbox but I still need to think about what differential to use and hence what ratios, not mentioning that I have options regarding customised ratios being used. Also of course the wheel size I go for. Westfield standard seems to suggest a differential ratio of 3.36 but nothing stopping me go for the other standard of 3.92. Westfield standard wheel size is 205/50 15". I decided I would create an excel spreadsheet to calculate what bearing the ratios have on the road speed of the car. Looking at some web sites of fellow builders I see that some have gone for differential ratio of 4.10 (raceline). Lower ratios mean reduction of top speed but improvement in acceleration performance but worse fuel consumption.

8 September 2005

Differential thoughts continue

Well I decided to continue with my gear ratio spreadsheets last night. Finished it and it works a dream. Anyway I am thinking that I can go for differential of 3.36/38 but for outright performance 3.92. I sent Mark at westfield an email regarding my thoughts and the spreadsheet. He said that the 3.92 would mean that lower gears would be very short, and yes I tended to agree, well he is the expert. Maybe okay for track but a pain in the arse for road driving. Mark threw in another ratio, 3.62! I think this might give a good compromise between road and track days!

My calculations based on standard wheel size of 205/50 15" and R380 gear box with the various diff ratios top speeds at 5,800 RPM (standard V8 max but I may tune to 6500):

  3.36 3.38 3.62 3.92
1st 32.1 31.9 29.8 27.5
2nd 55.6 55.3 51.6 47.7
3rd 84.8 84.3 78.8 72.7
4th 118.6 117.8 110.0 101.6
5th 153.9 153.0 142.9 131.9

Mind you I think the T5 gearbox with standard diff ratio of 3.36 looks fantastic, not demonstrated here, I have made my decision to go for R380 gearbox! I think T5 requires
different chassis option. The T5 is the more expensive gearbox but it provides good ratios for performance in lower gears and top gear has a very low ratio of 0.63 (32mph per 1000 rpms) giving very good cruising and fuel consumption. You can hit 61MPH in 2nd gear even with low 5,800 RPM redline. But if I want to do 60mph sprints I can raise the redline and/or change tyre profile to achieve this.

Mark sent me a computer program from Quaife in which you can enter the ratios and it does much the same as my spreadsheet (I actually check my spreadsheet was correct, and it was!) but additionally it produces a neat graph of gear changes and you can see the RPM range when going through the gear box, very neat.

I sent Simon an email informing him that I still have not received my proforma, he gave up with the post and emailed to me. Looks all correct. Confirming collection is 21st October 2005. I printed out and signed and snail mailed back. Apparently the kit is 65" wide by 125" long. They suggest a long wheel base luton Van or simi liar.

14 September 2005

Alloys etc

Been a while since my last post. Waiting to pick up the kit is dragging. Decided that I am going to use either a Ford Luton LWB or mercedes 311 LWB. Hire rates are around £70 per day. I am thinking my fuel costs will be around £50 so budgeting £120 to pick up the westfield.

Luke and I did some research the other evening on the internet regarding the best wheels for the car; a long way off but.. Anyway the best ones for looks and style in-keeping with the car, we feel, are Wolfrace Street Octanes! They are black with chrome rims, very light looking, which they probably are. I have decided to stay with the Westfield recommended 15" and will fit 205/50. Will look terrific with yellow calipers sitting behind! I think I have mentioned but the car will be yellow with black interior. Exposed suspension will be epoxy coated in black. We are going to stick with black and yellow throughout. Except the exhaust will be chrome, hence chrome rim on alloys, think aesthically it will look very well balanced and not too over the top. It is all in the detail!

Going back onto the interior I think the dials have to have yellow faces with chrome rims and the seat belts should be 4 point harness and of course yellow if possible or black with yellow logo, maybe sabelts. I think you are starting to get the idea!

17 September 2005

Brands Hatch

Went to the first totalkitcar event today at Brands Hatch. I was a little disappointed as not many accessory shops were present. Few cars out on the track though. Some nice cars, of course my main interests were in Westfields. I was looking at yellow ones to get some inspirational ideas, but not one of them were close cosmetically to how I want to finish my car. I saw individual features that I want on different cars! I did however see some nice switch gear on another lotus 7 style car; flush fit brushed alloy switches, I want those! Now I know they can be supplied I just need to find out where from.
I sold my old PC on EBay tonight, that will pay for a damper and spring for one corner!

20 September 2005

Sky TV - essential viewing?

Hey anyone seen those Mark Evans series, the guy is an animal! I really do not see where he finds all the time or money for that matter. You must have seen his programmes; a 4X4 is born, a car is born, a bike is born, a classic is born, a plane is born and the list continues. You can catch it on Discovery Real Time. Another programme I have been watching is kit car crisis on the same channel. Now this gives me hope because the guy that is building the kit car has less of an idea than me! He seems to be building some sports car. In a configuration that has not been done before and taking all the hard options! The final problem he has, is that when he has finished the build he needs to crane it over the roof of his terrace house! This involves the closing of the road, taking down overhead power and telephone lines, local emergency service liaison etc!! I said he makes like difficult. I do wish him all the luck though, and can only presume it was successful because it has been televised.

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