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Westfield SEiGHT Build

I have fallen behind on updating this build diary. Been about 12 months so I am making the effort to retrospectively document the changes and upgrades I have made in the last twelve months.

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I have been pondering, attending kit car shows, etc, for about 7 years now and decided it is time to bite the bullet and just go for it. You can spend much time wondering: What do I want? What can I afford? What time do I have? Do I have the necessary skills? All valid questions, some more than others but I did find that every time I went through the process I came out with different answers. I decided that I wanted a kit that is not going to take too long to build. Not going to cost as much as a Cobra, but performance is key. Function over beauity. Something that I have the skill to build backed with good technical support from the manufacturer and community. Ideally the manufacturer is not too far away. With all these requirements I formed, it lead straight to Westfield. For futher details please look at the Build Diary.

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